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1 year ago

Why do you need a website? Benefits of the website.

What your customer knows about you:  


About half of buyers search for your brand on Google to learn about you or the value of your product/service. 30% of people don't think it's a professional business if they don't have a website. If they can't find you, they may go elsewhere.


Your customers will increase:


2 similar businesses. A company has a website, naturally, the customer will take their service first. Seeing the website will increase their trust. They seem committed to providing good service.


Reviews are important:


Buyers decide whether to buy from you by seeing the opinions of others about your products and services. You have no control over good/bad reviews on social media like Facebook. You can put beautiful reviews on your website which will increase your sales.


Local Search:


Most people prefer to buy products or services from local businesses. There are many products and services that I don't know where to find in Jhenaidah. If they have a good online presence, anyone can easily get their services by doing a Google search.


Basics of Digital Marketing:


Very soon digital marketing will be more important than traditional marketing in our country like in developed countries. If you don't start now, you will be left behind in the competitive market. And online Social Media, Email, Paid Ads, Seo any kind of marketing are the basis of a beautiful, User-Friendly website.


Low cost:


The cost of making a website is very low, you can take our service by paying only 500 to 2000 taka per month. If you want, you can learn for a few days and make a website very easily. However, becoming a professional web developer requires a lot of learning, plus there are many related topics that require a lot of time and effort to learn in detail. Plus you will have to be busy with these technical issues, you will not be able to focus on your business. You don't want to lose 10,000 takes a month while saving 1,000 takas.


Dissemination of information about products and services:


Before buying any product or service, people want to see it, want to know about it. Through your website, they can know about your product 24 hours a day. Your sales will increase manifold. Can inform about various offers and notices.


Shop online at:


Even if the shop is closed, the sale will not stop. The store is open 24 hours a day and night!! You can see the product on the internet, pay through Bkash, Rocket, or any other means, and get the product through home delivery/courier service. Online shopping is increasing day by day in our country. There is no alternative to survive in business.


Easy Contact:


If you put your shop's location (Address), mobile number, email, and Facebook page link on the website, the buyer can contact you very easily.


New Customer Questions Answered:


To convert a new customer into a regular customer, your website needs to answer a few questions.

  • Who are you or who are you?
  • What products/services do you provide?
  • What is the price of the product or service?
  • How to receive or communicate?


1. A Powerful Marketing Medium: Nowadays most people gather information from the company's website on the internet to know about that product and company before buying and selling something. Even if someone doesn't want to buy the product, they still prefer to collect information about the product and company from the company's website. In this way, through the website, any business is getting familiar with people very quickly and easily and can build trust.


2. One of the ways to impress customers: If you have a small or big business, you undoubtedly need to have a website. If you don't have a business website then buyers may assume that it is a small temporary company and that you are not aware of or responsible for your business. Thus you may lose credibility with buyers. A website can build trust in people's minds about your business. So it can be said Your site can be the first opportunity and one of the ways to attract a buyer.


3. Improving the quality of business: Today there is nothing that cannot be bought or sold over the Internet and the rate is increasing day by day. Books grocery items or even expensive materials like real estate are being bought and sold here. Anyone involved in any business can use the website to improve and modernize their business. It makes the business more vibrant and lively.


4. Competing with all other businesses in the market: Nowadays most responsible companies have their business website. So if your business does not have its business website then your business will lag behind those other businesses who have their business website.


5. One of the means of international transactions and contacts: Websites have been in use for a long time in the modern world. Nowadays, it has become a possible field for Bangladesh as well. Big corporations and financial institutions use websites as their important means for international business transactions and for getting contacts.


6. A quick and easy way to keep in touch with everyone: Basically, if you have a website, customers, responsible employees, business colleagues, and even investors can know and communicate about your business anytime anywhere in the world very quickly and easily.



Last words:


In the current digital age, small and large organizations need to have a website. If someone loses the competition and wants to close the business and return home, then it is a different matter!!


Not only websites and social media are successful in the digital era, but proper digital planning is also needed according to the budget. Don't mistake it for an expense. It's an investment, no one but Allah knows how many times you will get more than what you spend. But we are optimistic about your success. Allah is the best helper, Allah is the best guide


In developed countries like Europe and America, most business organizations and even people have billions of websites for personal work.


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